Philip Raymond Stalder

Philip is the son of Ted R. Stalder; founder of JET Oil Producers, Inc. Philip began his career in 1955 at the age of 16 for JET Oil. He summer job responsibilities were to mow lots around the wells, paint necessary rig equipment, clean and maintain tanks, and other duties of hard work and manual labor.

He attended Kilgore College and the University of Houston thereafter and took the necessary engineer classes to be even savvier in the industry. He was hired on with Dow Chemical with a position in the Communications Department working at night while going to school.

At the time, Philip was called into the Army in 1963 for 3 years. He completed his assignment with the Army and continued the job he enjoyed most of all.

He saw the opportunity of working for small drilling rig companies, producing shallow holes in the Houston area. Philip knew his drive and talent that he was reaching for and started maintaining equipment and yards in Baytown and Bay City, TX. He was able to honestly enjoy his young free life, work hark, brought in great income, and was able to prosper learning many different aspects of the oil and gas industry. Later, Philip realized that JET Oil Producers, Inc., his father’s company, was going to be his life forever. For a 10 year span as Project Manager, he worked heavily and traveled extensively overseeing operations and maintaining rigs in Coldspring, El Campo, Wharton and Victoria, just to name a few, on a daily basis. Philip met a good lifetime friend in 1990, Richard Hughart- a Freelance Geologist, whom partnered with him in several oil operations and came on board with JET Oil.
In 2006 Philip, proudly became President of the company and has never regretted being apart of such a reputable and innovative group. After many decades of successful hard working productive years, Philip and his wife, Stella Stalder, are slowly beginning a retirement in Steamboat, Colorado.