(IN MEMORIAM) Theadore Raymond Stalder


Theadore “Ted” was born on April 21, 1917 in Nowata, Ok. In the early 1920s, he followed his dad in the oil industry in Oklahoma. He stuck to his father’s idea of “make a lot of money and go broke”. During the Great Depression he worked as a Roughneck on the land rigs in Oklahoma. In 1948 Ted graduated from Texas Tech University as a Petroleum Engineer. In 1950, Ted went to work for Brazos Oil & Gas, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical in Roscommon, Michigan, where he spent 2 years. He realized it was just to cold in the north and transferred back to the south. In 1954, Commercial Petroleum and Transport Company with heavy traffic in large barges and tugboats traveling down the Mississippi discovered a healthy amount of oil and gas. He then accepted the position of Chief Engineer and drilled and maintained wells.

Ted Stalder

At this time, the company asked Ted for his expertise in managing cash flow and investments amongst the team. Thereafter came the well-known “Group 26”. This group of prominent citizens of New York, Houston, Oklahoma, and Kansas all wanted to invest in the prosperous production line of Baytown, TX, and Coldspring, TX, during the timeframe of 1956-57. Shortly after, Ted, the business driven man, started JET Oil Producers, INC. in 1965 along with 2 other business partners, Joe Razor, a Geologist and Ed Schiller, a C.P.A. Their dedication involved ongoing buying and selling properties in the oil and gas industry. Ted oversaw the entire operation, Ed ran the office and Joe looked for drilling prospects. With over 20 employees at the time, a 24-hour operation in wells and rigs and an outstanding on location maintenance was the bulk of the company and has been that way for almost 50 years.

Ted was a successful businessman, a fanatic in traveling around the world, a proud volunteer to Shriners Hospital for Children, member of Houston Petroleum Club, and Assistant Director of the Arabia Shrine Temple.

Ted lived and witnessed over 70 years of the oil field industry and held a prominent company that is soon to have its 50-year Anniversary.
Ted R. Stalder died on April 29, 2013 at the age of 96.